Friday, May 23, 2014

Did you lose a bet?

That was the question I heard first when I announced we were moving to Little Rock.  The woman posing the question was Diana Selene (formerly Nancy Lee Watts).  Diana's father was my godfather so I think it's fair to state Diana (whom I still, in my mind, refer to as Nancy Lee ((and for us, she was always first-and-middle name)) has known me longer than anyone save my sister Nancy (hence the middle-naming of Nancy Lee/Diana).

The decision to leave Portland was relatively easy (except for the NO! I CAN'T LEAVE MY GRANDCHILDREN panic, that is).  Art was being recruited by the University of Little Rock for Medical Sciences (UAMS).  It was a plum spot for Art and would offer him a great finish to his career - for he's promised me when he retires at 70-and-a-half, we'll return to Portland.  Then too, this job, while great fun and incredibly interesting, saved him the day-to-day stresses of co-owning the firm he'd begun in Portland in 1989.  He wouldn't have to worry over payroll/taxes/staffing/un-staffing.  He would go to work and come home; that's all.

Our first experience in Little Rock was the trip we made in November, 2013.  We'd been spending a month in Arizona when Art received 'The Call' from his friend and mentor (and now, boss) Mark.  Could we be in Arkansas next week for three days?  Scrambling, we booked flights to Little Rock (no airline flies direct to LR), made reservations at Embassy Suites (hey, it's worth any extra; I can drink for free!) and arranged a rental car (which, here in the south, they call a rent car.)

Sidebar on the car: we thought the Camaro convertible would be fun.  Sheesh!  With the top up even I struggled to get in.  Seriously.  In order for Art or Mark to sit, the top had to be down.  Really.  It was fairly entertaining watching them try with the top up, though.

My assignment, while Art was meeting with 12 vice-chancellors at UAMS, involved sitting in the realtor's car and taking a whirlwind tour of Little Rock neighborhoods.  Val was pointing out restaurants as we cruised their version of NW 21st, saying, "that's a really good steak house and they have killer barbeque and, that place has the best burgers in town."  I explained to Val we don't eat meat...his eyes kinda glazed over and he said, "um, I think Subway has salads".  Needless to say, we don't dine out much in LR.

But that's a good thing, right?  We spend less and we cook at  home more.  Hence the new blog.  The aforementioned 'friend of longest standing,'  Diana, suggested I should journal so I could look back in five years OR blog so all could enjoy out southern experience.  Blogging won out.  I'll have an ever-growing audience, right?  You'll spread the word, won't you?

I've been dutifully photographing dinner preps most evenings this week and will pull my stuff  (this is a family blog, after all) together this weekend for the first-ever cooking-documentary post from TheVegetarianRazorback.  Enjoy, y'all!


  1. This is good news since I've heard squirrel is high in cholesterol. I like the new blog, Kath!

  2. heh heh heh. You'll note, and the neighbors have commented, since we arrived there are fewer squirrels in the area. And 'possums!