Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dinner was cooked on the barbeque - during a thunderstorm

Not sure that was my best move, but it worked.  I mean, it's not like I was struck by lightning or anything, right?  Although there was that moment when the tree in the yard exploded...wonder what that was?  Ok, I kid.  I DID use the barbeque last night for EVERYTHING we ate, but that was more because the temp had dropped below 95 and it felt bloody balmy outside.

Who remembers what I was doing for dinner last night?  Yeah, me neither.  Ack-shu-lee, (and here I'm channelling Conor when he was 2) we used the previously prepared quinoa/corn/feta stuffing originally intended for peppers.

Wanting to round out the presentation (a lost, lonely mushroom seemed too pathetic) I quickly sauteed some kale with garlic and olive oil. I added a generous pinch of salt (really, it was more like a full-on grope, not a pinch) some pepper flakes and left it to do it's cooking part while I wrestled the mushrooms onto the grill.
I offer the photo above, presented in lovely soft focus, just to prove I did cook everything on the barbeque. What's that you say?  Many men, my husband included, do that regularly?  Hah!  Note, there's not a drop of barbeque sauce nor is there any ketchup!  LOTS of vegetables, though...

The mushrooms required wrestling because they were clearly overloaded and threatened to fall apart.  There must be an easier way to deal with mushrooms.  Any advice?

It just seemed a moment, well, 7 minutes, before the mushrooms were ready, the bread was toasted (maybe a bit burned in that one spot...) and the kale was ready.  I plated outside and presented the following to my handsome husband.  He was suitably impressed.  Lucky him! 

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