Monday, August 18, 2014

Well, that didn't take long...

Target, apparently, doesn't like thinkers.  Do-ers, yes, follow-ers of rules, most definitely.  But it would appear new ideas, suggestions for different processes, a streamlined version of things marks one as 'not a good fit for Target.'  Well, that's what I heard this morning when I arrived, armed with a fistful of great team-leading, team-building ideas culled from last week's Global Leadership Summit.

Now, don't misunderstand; I was miserable, make that miserable daily at Target but I guess I wasn't expecting to be terminated for thinking.  Interestingly, I was able to sit and chat with the manager who delivered the news.  Frankly, it was the first conversation we'd had in my 10 week tenure, so  what does that suggest?  That I'm shy?  Probably, right.

No, Kimberly suggested Target is not a good fit for many people then confided she is also leaving the store management team.  She's looking for a 'secretarial' job (her words, not mine) to get back into an office setting and out of retail.  (I understand that notion well.  I'd be hard pressed to embrace working weekends, holidays  and evenings.)  The question now, what do I do with a closet full of khakis and red shirts?

I guess I could create some sort of kitchen persona who wears khakis to cook.  Think I'll just return to cooking and writing about cooking.  In fact, I have already.  Up for dinner this evening will be Grilled Portobello mushrooms stuffed with a quinoa, corn and feta concoction I whipped up the other day for peppers.  The peppers were nestled on a messy bed of sautéed onions.  I think I may replicate that for the mushrooms as well...although, now that I think about it, an equally messy bed of sautéed kale with garlic and lemon will be lovely. 

Photos will appear later tonight.  Sigh, how I enjoy being in the kitchen!

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